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Recommendations and precautions

Prices, stays

In high season (June to September) rental periods are predetermined for weeks with entry on, Saturday, Sunday or Monday or fortnights. Flexibility is very low because the reserves are chained, but if the availables dates are not suitable you, please ask.

Prices are final with no extra or added fees. In summer there are no discounts for longer stays. In low season, ask for long stays.


Reservations are accepted from January, although most bookings are formalized in March-April. Booking in advance can enjoy greater choice options. It is recommended to book well in advance if you look for specific features or many apartments together or peak season.

We try to provide much information on our website about the features of the apartments. Verify that fit your needs and if necessary inquire by phone or email.

Cancellation well in advance (over 30 days) has a minimum penalty. In case of changing dates or apartment there is no additional charge (provided that the amount is similar and there is availability). We do not offer cancellation insurance, but you can hire with others via the Internet.

The last minute bookings (less than a week ) have a 10% discount, though options of choice in this case are usually not many.

Keys collection

Keys collection takes place in our office in the Puerto D. Las Fuentes. If you do not know the commercial port area, this has the disadvantage that it is not visible until it is entered within the grounds of the Port. We recommend parking on the roundabout at the southern exit of the access port and walk to the office ( it is about 50 m.) We recommend see local plan.

The Valencia Tourist Apartments Regulation fixe arrival time from 17:00 to 20:00 h and departures before 10:00 to ensure cleaning schedules.

Our interest is to speed up the delivery of the keys, but ensuring adequate time for cleaning.

For keys delivery, our office is only open from 13:30 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 19:30. There is no need to reconfirm your reservation comming at that time. From 14:30 to 16:30 there is no service (not even phone, except emergencies). If you have to come after 19:30 please reconfirm to set the time of key collection. The keys delivery before 17:00 is conditioned by the progress of cleanings.


Children are welcome in Alcossebre who has family residential tourism and its main activity. Accommodations are designed for their needs: swimming pool, proximity to the beach, equipped with TV, blender, etc.

Activities for them are locally organized. Check at the Tourist Office.

Some recommendations :

  • We have a limited number of cots. If you need one, I let us know when booking
  • We have a baby bathtub - demand.
  • We have mattress pads that you can ask at arrival
  • We deliver a sheet or blanket to cover the sofa.


Alcossebre has a big market (Consum) and many convenience stores distributed throughout the residential areas, so there is no need to bring food. Some supermarkets have home delivery service. Some open even on Sundays and holidays.

In high season we recommend you do your shopping early in the afternoon, when there are less customers (In the mornings you can have more waiting time).