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Plan to prevent risks of contagion by covid19


Although the situation is improving, the health authorities oblige us to keep our guard up to avoid possible contagion as much as possible. We are all committed to the fight against contagion and at the same time we have to maintain the activity with exceptional measures.
At we are following the protocols and recommendations of the experts. For this reason and as long as this situation continues, in order to offer our clients safe vacation stays, we have adopted the following measures:


Reservations will be made only remotely by phone or through the website at least 48 hours in advance on the day of entry.
To avoid crowds and improve hygiene, the rooms are made more flexible, not being necessary to coincide with the calendar week. Every effort will be made to leave at least one day unoccupied between stays.


During 2020 the general conditions regarding reservation cancellations are modified:
• No penalty more than 7 days prior to entry
• No penalty if an alarm or impossibility to travel is decreed
• Cancellation 7 or less days in advance a penalty of 25% remains

Checkin and keys delivery

• To streamline the process, 100% payment must be made by transfer more than 7 days before arrival, if it is not a last minute reservation. The required deposit of € 150 will also be deposited by bank transfer together with the final payment
• The key collection time will be exclusively from 17.00 h. at 7:00 p.m. Without exceptions.
• The capacity in the office is limited to 3 people. Only the holder of the contract will come in turn with a companion if necessary.
• If the office is busy, you should wait outside keeping the safety distance
• Mandatory mask and use of hydrogel for the hands
• Furniture cleaning, twice a day.
• The keys are delivered disinfected with alcohol and in a closed bag

Measures taken in the accommodation:

• Temporary separation of rooms with prolonged forced ventilation
• Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, furniture, appliances, etc. with approved products based on bleach, alcohol or peroxide.
• Reduction of decorative objects and textiles in the apartment
• Bed linen washed according to approved procedures.
• Cleaning mattresses and pillows with steam or a specific disinfectant.
• Change of mattress protectors and pillows after each stay

During the stay

• The known health recommendations will be observed, avoiding crowds, keeping distances, wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, etc.
• If you notice any of the mild symptoms compatible with covid19: Fever greater than 37.5º, Headache, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste, etc. Communicate it to Health of the Generalitat Valenciana, phone 900 300 555 and the agency ( 627978413).
• In case of seriousness it will be communicated to 112
• The rules of the community of owners, relating to common areas will be delivered.

At the exit

The apartments must be vacated before 10 am. in the morning. The agency will be contacted by phone at the time it is released.
It should be left without any garbage or leftover food, tidy, free of dirt and with clean and collected utensils.
For good ventilation, the apartment will be left with the windows open, the fans running and the air conditioning turned off.
The sheets must be left folded in a plastic bag that will be supplied. Mattress and pillow protectors will be removed by cleaning staff.
The keys will be left in the agency mailbox.
The deposit will be refunded by transfer within 24 hours if there have been no failures

We trust in a good understanding of the need to observe all these measures as well as their strict compliance.