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Rent with us

We are not an advertising portal or a real estate agency to use.

We take care of everything related to rent. We also take care of the apartment including maintenance and improvements if necessary. We ask for a minimum of quality, equipment and attractiveness to include it in our offer. The season is exclusively summer and the apartment must be available for rent, for at least 2 months.

If you are interested in renting, contact us and we will explain in detail.

To sell

If you want to sell, we can deal with it too.

The sale can be made compatible with the rent, since the sale operations at this time, can take several months.

Buy to rent

Summer houses as an investment

The investment in summer houses, can have three types of profitability:

  • Revaluation
  • Rental income
  • Enjoyment by the owner

The first is now in question, so you have to be careful when buying. Keep in mind that not all homes are devalued or revalued equally. Nor are all apartments equally suitable for rent.

Compared to other types of houses, the summer house has the advantage of being available for sale, since there are no permanent tenants. The Spanish Mediterranean (Alcossebre is highly regarded) had strong demand before the crisis. Now is a good time to buy if you choose carefully and negotiate a good price.

From 2nd house to tourist apartment

Converting a 2nd home into a tourist apartment does not require much effort, but it is a process that must be carried out.

To be successful when renting an apartment, everything that is old or in poor condition must be renovated: furniture, decoration, facilities, appliances, etc. It is important to depersonalize the home but also make it cozy. It is what has recently come to be called home staging.

Easy to clean surfaces, sturdy furniture and fixtures should be used, but at the same time comfortable and cheerful.

We can help you

Whether you want to invest or want to rent your apartment, we can help you. With us you do not lose control over your property.

We will also help you with the reforms, decoration, equipment, always thinking about profitability and quality. We take care of the permanent maintenance of the apartments we manage.

Our offer has a high quality, so we only work with those properties that match the areas and the quality standards we maintain.